Mutual Recognition Framework for Public Key Infrastructure and Digital Signatures


India Takes the Lead in Proposing a Groundbreaking Mutual Recognition Framework for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Digital Signatures, Promoting Secure and Trustworthy Digital Transactions.


The Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) in India proudly announced the launch of a significant initiative during the sidelines of G20 Digital Economy Working Group (Global DPI Summit) held on June 13, 2023. This groundbreaking proposal aims to establish a Mutual Recognition Framework for Public Key Infrastructure and Digital Signatures, ushering in a new era of border-less digital transactions fortified by enhanced security and unwavering trust.


Global Panel Discussion:

Under the esteemed chairmanship of Mr. Moses Kunkuyu Kalongashawa, the Honorable Minister of Malawi, an illustrious panel of international experts convened to discuss the crucial role of PKI in Digital Public Infrastructure. The session, moderated by Mr. Vijayakumar Manjunatha from the Asia PKI Consortium, featured esteemed panelists including Mr. Arvind Kumar from CCA-India, Prof. Satoru Tezuka from Japan, Ms. Anne Waweru from Kenya, and Mr. Nick Pope representing Europe.
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Key Discussions and Highlights:

The panel engaged in a comprehensive dialogue covering a myriad of essential aspects, including the significance of PKI as a Cryptographic Identity Provider, its multi-purpose applications, legal validity concerns, Data Free Flow with Trust, and groundbreaking African cross-border digital initiatives such as the Kenya TradeNet System. Additionally, the experiences and insights shared by the Asia PKI Forum and the participating countries, Japan, Kenya, and India, brought invaluable perspectives to the discussion.

Draft PKI Mutual Recognition Framework:

As the session ended with the release of the highly anticipated "Draft PKI Mutual Recognition Framework." This framework embodies the collective vision and expertise, forging a path towards seamless cross-border digital transactions and fostering global digital harmony.


Open Invitation to Participate:

India extends an earnest invitation to countries across the globe to engage in discussions surrounding this proposed framework. By joining forces and lending their expertise, nations can collectively strengthen and refine the framework, laying the groundwork for widespread adoption and the realization of a world characterized by border-less digital transactions.


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