How to get Digital Signature Certificate

Whether CCA issue Digital Signature Certificates to end-entities?

The Office of Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), issues Certificate only to Certifying Authorities(CAs). CAs issue Digital Signature Certificates to end-entities.

How do I get a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

One can approach any one of the Licensed CAs for getting a Digital Signature Certificate. The list of Licensed CAs is available at http://www.cca.gov.in/licensed_ca.html. The different categories of certificates offered by different CAs are listed at http://www.cca.gov.in/CAServicesOverview.html. The contact address of each CA and their help desk numbers are available in the disclosure record of each CA published at http://www.cca.gov.in/licensed_ca.html.

What are the identity verification options available to a DSC applicant?

The identity verification options available to a DSC applicant are:-

Which are the CAs issuing Class 2 and Class 3 DSCs to public at present? Please provide their contact details?

Certifying Authorities Website Contact Details
Pantasign CA www.pantasign.com


info[at]pantasign[dot]com, +91 9389807192
Safescrypt www.safescrypt.com


saj[dot]francis[at]sifycorp[dot]com, +91 90032 77877,+91 80675 99006
e Mudhra www.e-Mudhra.com


Jaishankar[dot]v[at]emudhra[dot]com, +91 80 422 753 00, +91-9448809899
Capricorn www.certificate.digital


sales[at]Certificate.Digital, +91 95603 42507, +91 11 614 000 00
Verasys www.vsign.in


huzefa[dot]thanawala[at]verasys[dot]in,   +91 98193 15990
(n)Code Solutions www.ncodesolutions.com


Kunal[at]ncode[dot]in, +91 99989 89896
IDSign CA www.idsignca.com info[at]idsignca[dot]com, 1800-572-1734 +91 40 42011136


Why self attested documents are not accepted by CAs for DSC issuance?

Wherever self attestation has been facilitated as a part of submitting an Application for service, the original documents are required to be produced at the point of getting the service. In the case of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Applicants, they can directly approach Certifying Authorities (CA) at the CA premises with original supporting documents, in which case self-attestation of copies will be sufficient.

How does one know about the different classes of certificates offered by the Licensed CAs?.

The services offered by CAs are available on the website of each CA. The summary of service offered by CAs are available at http://www.cca.gov.in/cca/?q=CAServicesOverview.html..

Where can I find the Identity Verification and key storage requirements for different type and Class of Certificates?

The verification requirements are mentioned in the Identity Verification Guidelines (CCA-IVG) and Key generation and storage requirements are mentioned in Section 6.1.1 of X.509 Certificate Policy for India PKI (CCA-CP). Both documents are available at cca.gov.in

  • Paper based application form and supporting documents(all attested)
  • Aadhaar eKYC based verification for Aadhaar holder(no supporting documents are required)(no attestation)
  • Banking KYC or eKYC. Banking eKYC is dependent on CAs tie-up with banks for getting electronic KYC information of banking customers.(no attestation required)