CRL Services

The RCAI is responsible for generating and publishing CRLS of Licensed CAs.

Office of CCA updates the CRL within one working day after receiving a valid revocation request and at least once every month, even if no changes to the CRL have been made. Office of CCA provides CA certificate status checking through publication of the CRL on web site, In case of CA key compromise the concerned CA inform the CCA immediately for revocation of the CA certificate.


  • Exercising supervision over the activities of the Certifying Authorities.
  • Certifying public keys of the Certifying Authorities
  • Laying down the standards to be maintained by the Certifying Authorities;
  • Specifying the qualifications and experience which employees of the Certifying Authorities should possess;
  • Specifying Authorities shall conduct their business Specifying the content of written, printed or visual material and advertisements that may be distributed or used in respect of a Electronic Signature Certificate and the Public Key;
  • Specifying the form and content of a Electronic Signature Certificate and the key.
  • Specifying the form and manner in which accounts shall be maintained by the Certifying Authorities;
  • Specifying the terms and conditions subject to which auditors may be appointed and the remuneration to be paid to them.
  • Facilitating the establishment of any electronic system by a Certifying Authority either solely or jointly with other Certifying Authorities and regulation of such systems;
  • Specifying the manner in which the Certifying Authorities shall conduct their dealings with the subscribers;
  • Resolving any conflict of interests between the Certifying Authorities and the subscribers; Laying down the duties of the Certifying Authorities;
  • Maintaining a data-base containing the disclosure record of every Certifying Authority containing such particulars as may be the conditions subject to which the Certifying specified by regulations, which shall be accessible to public.